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What is Green Care?


Green Care at Norton is a therapeutic gardening project based at an allotment site in Letchworth. It’s designed to help people improve their mental and physical health, while they learn new skills, enjoy being outside in nature, and socialise with others in a safe space.


If you feel that you, a friend or family member, or someone you support could benefit from this project, please get in touch to discuss a referral. It's a voluntary project so there are no charges, just an initial referral and an induction so we can understand how best to support you.


The people we have signposted to Greencare have nothing but praise for their experience of getting involved with the project and seeing real results from what they are doing. It’s wonderful to see people really growing in confidence with their social and physical skills, and hearing them share their experiences. For us it has been a breath of fresh air to discover a project that, with passion and understanding, welcomes everyone and genuinely helps them move forwards.

-Employment Adviser, The Job Centre

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